Vocations and Missions Office (V.M.O)

The monthly publication

Soon after its foundation in 1958, the Voluntas Dei Institute was quick to apply its apostolic objective of creating peace and brotherhood in Jesus Christ. The year after its foundation the Institute sent its first missionaries to Laos. The Office of Vocations was created to help young men from different nationalities study for the priesthood. The Office offered statuettes of priests to the benefactors, at first. Then Father Parent himself wrote letters to the benefactors. As early as 1967, aid was given to several seminarians, and this continued in the years following. In 1968-1969, a number of groups were formed in Haiti, India, Laos, and Sri Lanka. Besides the financial help given to vocations, requests for particular mission projects began arriving.  Thereafter the Institute quickly developed harmoniously in different countries. Students from India, Sri Lanka, and Haiti came to study in Canada, and towards the end of 1969 and the beginning of 1970, they returned home to establish the Institute.  Soon after, Canadian members opened missions in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Cuba, Colombia, and Chile. Most of the members in these countries live in poverty. The central council therefore broadened the work of the Office of Vocations, in 1972, to become, the Vocation and Mission Office, to gather funds for the support and maintenance of these new foundations. Donations are received when preaching for the missions in different dioceses as well as through a monthly newsletter sent to the Institute’s benefactors.
Publication: the Newsletter
The monthly newsletter allows us to keep contact with those who so generously help the Institute financially. It is our way of keeping contact with our benefactors, and it is also meant to be a tool for spiritual and fraternal reflection. It consists in inviting to a lived experience looked at from the viewpoint of the Word of God enlightened by the Voluntas Dei spirituality as applied to daily life in the present moment, in our daily activity. This helps our human growth develop always more deeply our relationship to God and our neighbour

Until the end of the summer, 2009, our monthly newsletter was sent out through the regular mail or email to all the Canadian and American members of the Institute. Since then we have been sending it email to the members of the other districts and regions. Because of the riches that this contact brings us, it is now published on our website for all who are interested in the Voluntas Dei Institute.  May it be for you a source of joy, hope, closeness, openness, and peace.

The second part of the newsletter consists of a monthly project submitted for your consideration., coming from the director of one of our districts or regions in different countries where the Institute is present. This project aims at helping our members in their workplace and where they live. The directors point out those areas where help is needed, and where we could help for their greater well-being. The directors call on the generosity of our benefactors and friends, and of all people of good will who read our web page

Any donation helps to make someone happy. If you wish to help the members of the country to which the monthly project is aimed, you can do so by sending a cheque or money order addressed to “Voluntas Dei Institute,” noting on the cheque the name of the country you wish to help. A receipt for income tax purposes will be sent to you at the end of the year (December 31). We thank you for your great generosity and kindness.

If you would like to have the letters of OVM from the past years, you may contact the following Email please:  administration@voluntasdei.org or secretariat@voluntasdei.org



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