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The charism

The charism is a special gift and grace from God inviting the members of a particular religious congregation or institute to live their consecrated life. Every religious group has its own charism with which it contributes with the Church and in its own way to evangelising, for the coming of God’s Kingdom. And so, the charism determines the mission.

The Voluntas Dei charism is:


  • To create peace in Jesus Christ
  • To create brotherhood in Jesus Christ

How? Through

  • The spirituality of the 5-5-5
  • The team
  • Positiveness
  • The present moment
  • Christian contacts

The charism of the Institute invites our members to share, as did the Virgin Mary, in the mission of Jesus who came into the world to do the will of the Father. Like Mary, the Voluntas Deis renew their “yes” daily in a spirit of spiritual surrender to God.

This mission is lived daily in the reality of the present moment and in the midst of the world. It is within human relationships and daily activity that our members are called to be the instruments of Christ.

Whatever the situation, the members of the Institute must be motivated by a missionary spirit, since its sphere of activity is where they must winess, that is, wherever Christ has his rights. In this way, the members are called to be peacemakers, to experience a true fraternal life, and to discover solidarity with everyone they come in contact with.