Who we are?

The Voluntas Dei Institute is a secular institute of pontifical right in the Catholic Church.

Secular Institutes are a new form of consecrated life, officially recognised since 1947.

The Voluntas Dei Institute is composed of baptised and consecrated people who live the evangelical counsels of obedience, poverty and chastity in the midst of the world in order to be “salt of the earth”, “light of the world” and “leaven in the dough.”

Like all secular institutes, the Voluntas Dei Institute is defined by three essential elements:
Consecration: the members are called to give themselves totally to God, for His honour and service, in a given institute erected by the Church.

Apostolate: The members are called to work in the temporal order and in this way witness to Christ. Working with the power of love in the world and from within the world, they share in the evangelisation task of the Church.

Secularity:All of God’s people are called to dedicate themselves to Him, wherever they are.They do not need to live in community as the religious do. They are in
communion with the Church and live in fellowship with their brothers and sisters, as it is their style of secular consecration

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Who we are?


Institut Voluntas Dei
Administration centrale
7385, boul. Parent
Trois-Rivières (Québec)
Canada G9C 0M5

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