The team Life

Fraternal life among the members of the Institute is essential. This form of life is not, of course, a community life in the manner of religious orders, but rather a coming together periodically which offers an opportunity for sharing, animation and the renewing of one’s motivation.

The members seek to consecrate their life to God in a world which is constantly changing. It is therefore important that each be committed to a life-long project of self-knowledge, of personal expressions of their faith, of tailoring their attitudes and motives to those of Christ. The team provides the member with the opportunity to discover hidden gifts and talents and for each to go forth and share these in their daily work and social relationships.

For our Voluntas Dei members, the team is at the heart of their consecrated life. It is where members share their living experiences, listen to the Word of God, read and understand His signs in their milieu. As a result, they discern God’s will for them. It constitutes a priviledged place of fraternal charity as well as spiritual and apostolic formation.

The variety of personalities found among team members permits each to be unique and allows members to complement one another in the common project of providing enhanced Christian service. While remaining fully active in their daily occupations, their professions or their ministry, our members fulfill the Church’s mission at the heart of the world, changing it from within.

Belonging to a team requires a developed human and emotional maturity as well as a great respect for others. The relationships within the team stimulates the members to discover their solidarity in Christ with everyone, principally with those who suffer the most and who are the least favoured. Moreover, they are sensitized to working together towards a more fraternal world. Finally, the spirit of charity, which animates our teams, reveals to others the value and the meaning of the Institute’s presence in the mission of our Church.

Each member of the team
fills the mission of the Church
within his or her milieu.



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